Wireless Health Monitor
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Focus Area:

Personnel Tracking and Recovery

Project Cost:


Project Duration:

20 months


MRI Global


10 prototype systems

End User:

Department of State, U.S. Special Forces, State and Local Law Enforcement


Develop a wearable sensor that provides heart rate, body temperature, pulse oximetry, respiration, and GPS location. The minimum lifetime of the sensor is 12 to 24 hours. The system provides encrypted health and two-dimensional GPS location information for responders. The system sends health and GPS location information to a remote command center server. The system will be compatible with the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK). The system will provide the GPS position of selected personnel via a third-party mapping software. The system also provides an emergency duress signal capability.

Operational Impact:

The wireless health monitor will allow command post personnel to remotely observe quick reaction force operators' health status, providing real time prioritization of personnel recovery teams.


Systems will transition to end users for operational evaluation and will be available for procurement by federal agencies.