Civil Knowledge Integration – Team Awareness Kit (CKI-TAK)
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Focus Area:

Operationalizing Irregular Warfare

Project Cost:


Project Duration:

18 months


Raytheon BBN


A TAK plug-in that provides a true Civil Common Operating Picture at the tactical and operational levels.

End User:



An application for the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) that allows users to share and visualize civil information across DoD, DOS, USAID, Interagency (IA), and International partners necessary to drive whole-of-government influence operations. Users shall be able to view reports for a custom geographic area, and add updates in real-time on the ground. Integration of existing curated information (LiveUAMap), IA implementing partners, and partner/enabled force inputs will provide SOF Cross Function Teams (CFTs) and IA users greater situational awareness in the field. It provides a data repository-agnostic reporting platform compatible with Combatant Command (CCMD) Programs of Record (CIDNE, Palantir, FADE/MIST, DCGS-A) and common interfaces like Google Earth and ArcGIS. It shall be compatible with SOCOM’s Remote Advise and Assist Kit, integrate speech-to-text and display in all SOF foreign languages to maximize enabled forces’ input, and include a “training layer” to enable exercise injects in real time during training events.

Operational Impact:

CKI-TAK creates a common IA Civil / Influence picture to share information on a broadly used interface in the field and in real time, allowing users to effectively react to dynamic threats, report and analyze local/regional/national civil networks, and make timely and informed decisions to maintain operational tempo in the influence space.


The app will be transitioned to the USASOC Special Operations Mission Planning Environment (SOMPE) office for software management and releasability.