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Focus Area:

Credibility Assessment (Detection of Deception and Intent)

Project Cost:


Project Duration:

9 months


Battelle Memorial Institute


One Avatar system

End User:

National Center for Credibility Assessment, Intelligence Community, and Department of Defense


Many factors affect the amount and quality of information during interviews. Research has shown that a person will relate better to the questioner and provide more information when they belong to the same racial, ethnic, and gender categories. Another factor that produces better results is when the questions and the process are standardized. The Avatar system was designed and built to capitalize on these factors. Avatar can create a head and shoulders image of a male or female that can be adjusted to match the racial, ethnic, and gender of the interviewee. The system can be programmed for a standardized set of questions that can automatically perform some follow up questioning depending on the answers provided. Avatar creates an audio and video record of the interview with a written transcription that makes extensive post-interview analysis possible. The records are easily searchable and can readily be merged into other files.

Operational Impact:

Makes screening questioning and other standard questioning more efficient and productive and allows interviewers to have a record of questioning with better efficiency.


Systems delivered to National Center for Credibility Assessment and Department of Defense; commercially available from Battelle Memorial Institute